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DHR helps Buyers and Sellers successfully complete home and condominium purchase/sale/refinance transactions, and represents banks and mortgage companies in title and closing matters concerning purchase-money mortgages, refinance transactions and home equity lines of credit.  We review purchase and sales agreements, provide advice on contract and inspection issues, prepare the necessary documents, conduct the closing, and make sure all proceeds are properly paid out and accounted for.  We understand “busy” and therefore closings are held at the convenience of the client, Our experience expedites the closing process, eliminates costly mistakes, and simplifies life for Buyers, Sellers, Agents and Lenders alike.

If you are buying selling real estate, but DHR is not handling the actual closing of the transaction, we are available to assist you through the process and to represent your interests in the transaction. We frequently counsel buyers and sellers with regard to the purchase and sale agreement, listing agreement, the implications of the inspection provisions vs. “as-is” clauses. Additionally, once the contract is executed, DHR will coordinate with the closing agent on the transaction, review the title commitment, prepare any necessary documents for the transaction and review all of the closing documents from the closing agent, including the settlement statement, for accuracy. We can also arrange for you to sign your closing documents with us at a time that is convenient for you without the added burden and stress of having to attend the closing. We will then make arrangements to deliver the executed documents to the closing agent. Additionally, in the unlikely event that there is a title problem, we can work with you to determine the best course of action to quickly resolve the issue.

Please feel free to contact us concerning your next transaction and remember that despite the relative “simplicity” of these transactions in Florida, it is still advisable to have an expert protecting your interests.

Short-Sales: These days it is quite common for both Buyers and Sellers to find themselves involved in a short-sale transaction. Unfortunately, these transactions present some unique and frustrating issues, particularly in terms of timing. If you are thinking about the purchase of a short-sale or are thinking about trying to short-sale your own property, please see the short-sale information on our site or feel free to call our office to schedule a free consultation. Let our experience help guide you through the short-sale process.


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